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Sign Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning and Maintenance Sydney NSW

EMERGENCY 24 HOUR Seven Day a Week Call Out

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Regular sign repair and maintenance along with cleaning more than doubles the life expectancy of any sign.
Light boxes, large and small pylon signs will start to deteriorate and eventually break down over time. Internal components such as Fluro lamps, Ballasts, Starters and wiring etc begin to fail. Electrical component failure and short circuits can lead to fire.

Public impressions

Half lit, flickering or dirty signs may create an image you could well do without. The simple act of washing and cleaning your signs can make that difference.

We have been maintaining clients signs for many years especially light boxes, Neon, Pylon and Car Park Lighting and more recently L.E.D signs.

- A sign cleaning and maintenance programme saves you money -

Emergency call out

We are happy to repair smashed panels of light boxes, replace fluorescent tubing, starters and ballasts or simply re-vamp signage (including painting) .If you are unhappy with your current signage installed by other people. We can rectified the problem and create signage that meets your approval.

The Sydney Signman can repair your signs and signage. We realise that signs of all types require repairs over time, we have the skills, qualifications and experience to repair and fix your sign sand make them look new again.

If you need your signage repaired please don’t hesitate to call.

- All sign repairs and Maintenance -


We use manufactures guaranteed 7 year Cast Vinyl for Vehicle/ Bill Board / Flat Signage.
Most Paint brands sustain damage from the sun. Some paints become chalky or lose their gloss and resistance within 3 - 4 years. The colour RED is prone to this problem, it fades very quickly with nearly all paint brands.

Signage updates

L.E.D lighting is becoming very popular with Shopping Centre Signage, it is basically maintenance free, safer to use and gives out brilliant light.
L.E.D's are fast replacing Neon tubing which have traditionally been used to back lit 3D letter shapes etc in the past.

Our promise to you

Whether your sign damage has been caused by storm, hail, rain, vandalism, wear and tear, exposure to the sun or simply age, we can repair them. We endeavor to bring your signage back to the way it was.


There are times when your signage is past its use by date, it's time for to replace.
We will discuss your needs and offer a better alternative wherever possible.

Call Tom the Signman on 0413 603 880
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