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Professional Sign Maintenance Services

  • Most signs require maintenance over time. Damage and deterioration can be caused by weathering, paint fading or electrical breakdown.
  • We can offer you a comprehensive maintenance service the same as with our larger state wide clients to address these problems which will extend the life of your signage and cut down your replacement costs: Service and Repair.
  • Contact Tom:

We also offer an update service to maintain your business signage at the cutting edge of advertising technology. Not all damage is caused by fair wear and tear. By far the most common source of damage to company signs is vandalism caused by objects being thrown at them, sharp objects or graffiti sprayed over the surfaces.

We think we have it covered, all are services are listed below. If you require a sign service that we haven't listed call and we will accommodate you.

tower or pole signtower or pole signtower or pole signtower or pole signtower or pole signtower or pole signtower or pole signtower or pole signtower or pole signtower or pole sign
Highly visible architectural, pole and high mounted free standing signs

The Sign Man's specialised range of quality sign services:

Architectural, Pole
High Mounted Signs

Pylon, Pole and High Mounted Signs

  • These stand alone or wall mounted outdoor signs are a very effective advertising tool, they grab attention and create an awareness of your business.
  • 3D, Neon, Light Boxes and almost any other type and form of advertising signs can be mounted on Pylons. Our specialty is sign maintenance to prevent wear and tear on components and the build up of cobwebs, wasp nests and other elements which reduce the life of your signs components.

Sign Cleaning, Dismantling, Removal & Relocation

  • Moving location? Relocate your signs, take take them with you, it's less costly than creating new signs.
  • Clean signs are easier to read and an asset to your business.
  • Sign dismantling and removal from a location.

Call Tom on 0413 603 880

Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & Repair

  • Regular sign repair and maintenance along with cleaning more than doubles the life expectancy of any sign.
  • Large and small pylon signs, light boxes and other types of external signage will deteriorate and eventually break down over time. Internal components such as Fluro lamps, Ballasts, Starters and wiring eventually fail. Electrical component failure and short circuits can lead to fire.

3D Interior Signs - 3D Outdoor Signs

3D Outdoor and Indoor Signs

  • 3D sign sales, repair and maintenance. 3D signs are commonly used in offices and reception areas as wall signs, logo's. 3D signs mounted directly to the building identify your location and are a permanent advertising feature 24 hours a day 365 days per year.
  • Lettering, logo's and backgrounds are created from Acrylic, metal and perspex which is weather resistant and offers a long lasting solution to outdoor signage. 3D signs can be easily cut and formed into any shape to match your logo and fonts.

Small Business
Truck & Commercial Vehicle Signage

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Signs and Signage

  • Sedans, station wagons, utilities, vans, Pantechnicons, trailers, prime movers. semi trailers, caravans, cabs, 4WD's. If it moves, we can sign it for you.
  • Fleet branding and small business - vehicle wrap incorporating your logo's and photographs, decals, reflective and highly visible graphics, promotional material, rear window advertising, boat graphics, low cost lettering, magnetic and roof mounted. Surprise us and give us a challenge.

LED signs v Neon signs

LED v Neon signs attributes

  • For many years Neon glass tube lighting has been the mainstay of sign manufacturers and installers offering colour, brightness and some flexibility. Neon is still the most widely used form of advertising.
  • The invention of the LED light with light emitted from Light Emitting Diodes started a change in thinking but in the early days but it appeared not to live up to its promise.

This page destroys the negativity associated with LED lighting.

LED lights are the lighting of the future

Car Park Signage
High Mounted Signs

Car Park Lighting and High Mounted Signs

  • Safety items like car park lighting require regular maintenance to prevent wear and tear but also to allow safe access to car drivers and reduce the possibility of litigation.
  • We replace all faulty components with the genuine article and do not skimp on the use of transformers by hooking more than one circuit into the one transformer to make more profit.
- We service both corporate and commercial clients, large or small throughout NSW -
Sydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic ParkSydney Olympic Park

The Sydney Sign man's range of quality signage now includes the following:

  • Aluminium illuminated Light Boxes are manufactured to all NSW lighting rules and regulations including fuse/Blocking Inductors/ Capacitors.
    We use the latest highest quality materials including Tri phosphorous Fluorescent Tubes which last 3 times longer than conventional tubing producing a quality reliable product.
  • Carved routed wooden /plastic / signs are manufactured using a high quality Router creating individual sign requirements, the router cuts a perfect shape for all architectural larger signs.
  • Custom Vehicle Graphics magnetic vehicle signs, truck lettering signage is an ideal way for companies displaying their Products or Services on vehicles as they move from point to point.
  • High Resolution Digital Graphics takes your graphic, photograph or brand name using any colour background to produce a professional, long lasting, durable finish to most surfaces.
  • Poly carbonate Light Box Panels gives strength and durability. Made from glue based resin, it absorb almost any impact. It looks like Perspex, feels like Perspex but will not break or smash.
    Excellent for areas where vandalism is prevalent. We are happy to demonstrate these qualities with a hammer or brick.
  • Digital Format Printing is becoming very popular Australia wide, taking any graphic or photograph merging with any colour or background Digital Printing. Digital Format Printing gives a very sharp professional image with  durable lasting ink quality.
  • Digital Format Printing is becoming very popular Australia wide, taking any graphic or photograph merging with any colour or background Digital Printing . In every way Digital Format Printing gives a very sharp professional image with  durable lasting ink quality.
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) Signs are common throughout Australia, ideal for shopping malls or any exterior illuminated signage.
    Excellent choice when customers require a practical maintenance free solution for hard to reach places where servicing is expensive.
    Instead of using normal fluorescent lighting tubes to illuminate signs business owners are now looking for alternatives.
    LED signs are becoming the choice of modern business today external signs.
  • Vinyl heavy duty PVC Banners are durable and long lasting. Banners can be Digitally Printed to display any product or object.
  • Window Graphics are used by most businesses i.e. Barber Shops, Delicatessens, cafe's, hairdressers and much more.
  • Car Park signage safety items like car park lighting which direct drivers in enclosed spaces need to be seen and reliable. Regular maintenance to prevent wear and tear is a must to reduce the possibility of litigation.
  • 3D signs can create an image of class with their metallic appearance and strong colours. They are often illuminated from the back of with spotlights from the sides creating shadows and strong images.
    3D signage is used by internally and externally by business in many locations and applications

Sub-contracting & Customised Sign Systems


The Sydney Signman also offers its services to sign companies and businesses.

Call The Sydney Signman / Skyline Neon Signs for a cost free quote to discuss your maintenance problems or cost of updating your current signage to more modern techniques and materials. To visit sales, service and repair please click this link Sales, service and Repair Information or email:

Customised Sign Systems

Customised Sign Systems can help you establish or improve a professional image within the local community.
Our forte is developing sign systems tailored specifically to meet your specific business needs.
Our extensive range of signage solutions combined with your logo's and colour scheme can create an effective tool for your business.


Our dedication and personalised service by qualified professionals ensures your project is completed on time and on budget


Sign writing / Sign writers

Sign writing companies today are Hi-Tech with sign writers using computer graphics, plastics, vinyl, LED's, neon and a host of other modern day materials to create your sign writing projects. Traditional sign writing materials like wood are still used and require the same skills skills, dedication and professionalism used by sign writers in the past.

Sign Man / Skyline neon Signs - One Stop Sign Services

The Signman will discuss, design, develop, manufacture, deliver and install quality signage which will more than meet your needs. By combining the latest computer design technology with our technical experience and craftsmanship we can create a sign system for you which will generate maximum impact on your potential clients.

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The Sign Man / Skyline Neon Signs Sydney service locations:

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